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Dear Sir / Madame,

In December of 2008, Switzerland has been enriched with a caviar house, which was opened in the paradise-like city, Lugano. The name of this caviar house is Caviarswiss Ugrimow & Co. and it sells the production of the brand - «Lemberg».

The caviar of this brand is characterized by its high quality which is being accomplished by using the fries of wild fishes. Moreover, for the quality it is deciding that during the fabricating process no dyestuffs and unhealthy antidegradants are used. The productions, as well as the sanitary conditions are constantly being controlled by the veterinary administration.

Our company is distinguished by a high quality and fast delivery services. At the moment our main partner is Manor Food.

With deepest appreciation


Our caviar can be bought at the following addresses:

Manor Lugano: Salita Chiattone 10, 6900 Lugano

Manor Vezia: Via al ronchetto, 6943 Vezia

Manor Ascona-Delta: Via Ferrera 115, 6612 Ascona